Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona

A rare event occurs only two days a year in March and September where the shadow of the West Mitten butte falls perfectly onto the East Mitten butte in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona. I was lucky enough to be in Monument Valley for the March event. I had planned to stop and photograph the full moon rising above the buttes but I ran into fellow photographer Matt Jarvis in Monument Valley and he told me he had driven seven hours just to photograph the shadow on the West Mitten butte. So I set up next to him and waited for the big event. It started to cloud over just as the sun was setting and we both thought we might be disappointed. However, for about two minutes the sun broke through and the shadow appeared on the West Mitten butte. It was something to see! Here are some photographs from those short minutes of action.

Shot I took while waiting for the shadow to appear. Then all of a sudden the sun created an amazing shadow on the butte.

Then the full moon started to rise and I was able to get the shots I came to Monument Valley to get.

Full moon rising over monuments in Monument Valley

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